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iPhone Ram: Only the iPhone 12 Pro has 6 GB of RAM

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The RAM in the new iPhones is up to 6 GB in size. And the iPhone 12 Mini has a lower battery life.

iPhone 12 Pro (Image: Apple)

The models of the new iPhone 12 series differ more from each other than in previous generations. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have 6 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini only have 4 GB. The memory sizes that Apple is now introducing have long been common practice for Android smartphones.

The values come from Apple’s Xcode 12.1 beta version, which lists the memory sizes of the smartphones, as reported by 9to5Mac . It is unclear whether the larger working memory can speed up arithmetic operations when taking photos in the new ProRAW photo mode. At least this mode is withheld from the more expensive Pro models.

Another difference is the battery life of the iPhone 12 and the smaller iPhone 12 Mini. This is less noticeable in the runtime of the video playback with 17 to 15 hours, but it is clearly evident in the audio playback. The iPhone 12 creates 65 hours of playtime, while the iPhone 12 Mini only has 50 hours. Apple did not specify the battery capacity, so it should only become known after the smartphones have been dismantled through relevant websites.

The iPhone 12 Pro measures 71.5 x 146.7 x 7.4 mm and weighs 189 grams. The 12 Pro Max is 78.1 x 160.8 x 7.4 mm and 228 grams. The iPhone 12 Pro costs from 1,120 euros, the iPhone 12 Pro Max from 1,217.50 euros.

The mini measures 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm and weighs 135 grams, the iPhone 12 is 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm and weighs 164 grams. The iPhone 12 Mini costs from 778.85 euros, the iPhone 12 from 876.30 euros. With 128 GB the surcharge is 49 euros, with 256 GB it is around 166 euros.