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Legendary Nintendo PlayStation will be auctioned in February 2020

Last updated on March 9, 2021

No fake: The Nintendo PlayStation.


The plan to sell the Nintendo PlayStation has finally taken shape. As announced, Terry Diebold is preparing to sell the legendary prototypes and this will happen through an auction in February 2020. (via Kotaku )

From February 27, the Nintendo PlayStation will be officially on sale and the owner hopes for a retail price in the millions. He has already rejected an offer from Norway for $ 1.2 million because the amount was simply too small for him.

Record-breaking price possible: It is not improbable, because it is actually much rarer than the console prototype and Heritage Auctions, the platform through which the sale is made, has already caused horrendous auction prices for gaming memorabilia in the past.

In February 2019, for example, an original copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES was sold for over $ 100,000 – a real world record.

Original message:

If you have enough money, you can obviously buy a piece of video game history and an absolute curiosity in the near future. Because on Twitter it was announced that the only prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation will be sold.

Wait a minute … Nintendo PlayStation ??

Yes, you read that correctly. There actually was one. In the late 1980s, Nintendo commissioned Sony – which was not active in the video game sector at the time – to develop a CD drive for the Super Nintendo. Sony worked hard on the project, but wanted all royalties related to the CDs, which ultimately led to the failure of the project.

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Nintendo opted for cartridges and Sony decided to launch a console itself. The PlayStation. The rest is history.

random Fund

The prototype mentioned appeared by chance in 2015 and was found by a certain Terry Diebold in the rooms of a bankrupt company, the device is said to still work.

And for whatever reason, Terry Diebold now wants to sell the prototype. At least that’s what his friend Cedric Biscay writes on Twitter. And already suspects an “erroneous world record”.

Nothing is known yet about details – i.e. where and how Diebold wants to sell the curiosity. But we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last time we’ve heard of the Nintendo PlayStation.