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Music: Yamaha’s first headphones with ANC technology

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Yamaha introduced the first of their own ANC headphones . There are also Bluetooth earplugs with Active Noise Canceling.

YH-E700A ANC headphones from Yamaha (Image: Yamaha)

The market for ANC headphones is growing with Yamaha. The planned headphone model YH-E700A has a so-called Advanced Active Noise Canceling (ANC). Yamaha promises a sound that is as natural as possible, even when ANC is active. Other manufacturers such as Sony , Bose , Jabra, Microsoft or Bang & Olufsen have no problems with this either – switching on the ANC does not change the sound. ANC ensures that counter noise is played out in order to reduce annoying ambient noise as much as possible.

The headphones with a particularly powerful ANC can also generate as much silence as possible, the top field currently includes the WH-1000XM4 from Sony and Bose’s Noise Canceling Headphones 700 , which both do not allow any annoying noise to be heard in idle mode. However, some other test subjects have to struggle with this.

The Yamaha headphones have a transparency mode to let outside noise through when necessary. Then these are played from the microphones into the headphones. The manufacturer states that the mode can be used to have short calls without having to take off the headphones.

Yamaha headphones adapt

The YH-E700A has a technique called Listening Optimizer. This is to adapt the sound to the listening conditions. Every 20 seconds it should be determined how well the headphones are sitting and whether they are possibly letting in too much air. Then the sound is adjusted.

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The Yamaha headphones use 40 mm drivers and should therefore deliver a natural sound with intense bass and good highs. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and masters the codecs SBC, AAC and aptX. As an alternative to Bluetooth transmission, operation with a cable is possible. The headphones are controlled via buttons. Yamaha specifies a battery life of 35 hours for the YH-E700A.

Yamaha’s Bluetooth earplugs with ANC

In addition, Yamaha has introduced the TW-E7A, a Bluetooth earplug with ANC technology. The manufacturer does not mention the headphones’ improved ANC. There is a transparency mode for the plug in order to be able to specifically hear ambient noises. The True Wireless In-Ears are certified to IPX5 and have 6.2 mm drivers, which should ensure the best possible sound. The plugs support Bluetooth 5.0 and also cover the codecs SBC, AAC and aptX.

YH-E700A (Image: Yamaha)

The delivery of the TW-E7A includes a charging case in which the plugs can be safely stored. The plugs should have a battery life of five hours and can be charged up to three times with the charging case. This results in a total running time of 20 hours.

Yamaha TW-E7A Bluetooth headphones – Wireless earphones in white – 5 hours of playback time on one charge – Waterproof (IPX5 certification) – Incl. Charging case

Panasonic initially plans to launch the TW-E7A Bluetooth earplugs in October 2020. The TW-E7A should appear for 250 euros, by the end of the year they will cost 243 euros. The ANC headphones YH-E700A should appear in December 2020 and then cost around 400 euros. Yamaha will not set the exact price until later.

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