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Ryzen 4000: Why AMD’s new processors usher in the end of an era

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Although AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors are only a few months freely available in the trade, but there are already numerous rumors and information on the next CPU generation in the network. It becomes clear that with the new processors AMD is completing an important chapter in Ryzen’s story.

Source: AMD

Ryzen 4000: New AMD processors are the last for AM4 platform

Since the release of the first Ryzen processors in the spring of 2017, AMD has stuck to the AM4 platform and made sure that even newer processors on older motherboards can be used with a BIOS update. Even AMD’s next CPU generation, the Ryzen 4000 processors, according to initial information for the AM4 platform appear – but then it is over. All processors that appear after the Ryzen 4000 series, should get a new socket donated.

While this marks the end of an era, AMD is keeping the promise it made to its customers in 2017 : AM4 remains relevant to AMD through 2020. This point may have been an important decision criterion for many buyers so far.

Competitor Intel pursued a different strategy in recent years: The industry leader has been counting on the LGA1151 socket since the sixth generation of Intel Core processors. Nevertheless, customers who wanted to upgrade from a seventh-generation chip to an eighth-generation chip, for example, also had to buy a new motherboard with a current chipset because the products were not compatible with each other.

Ryzen 4000: First X670 motherboards expected in late 2020

While the X570 chipsets are manufactured by AMD itself, the company wants to outsource this process to the next generation. Currently, it is expected that AMD will again commission ASMedia. The company was already responsible for the production of the 400 chips and was originally intended to provide the chipsets for the X570 boards.

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There were rumors that ASMedia was experiencing delays and AMD itself had to take action to meet the planned release date for the Ryzen 3000 processors.

According to information from the Chinese website MyDrivers , ASMedia plans to make the first 600 chipsets available by the end of next year.

What do you say that AM4 seems to retire soon? Would you have expected that AMD will continue to put on the platform in the next few years? Write us your opinion in the comments.