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Surface Pro 7 in the test: The best Windows tablet – now with USB-C

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Microsoft has finally done it: The Surface Pro 7 was equipped with a USB-C port. That brings many advantages – but the full potential is not exhausted. How the Surface Pro 7 beats in everyday life, tells you GIGA in the review.

Surface Pro 7 under test: Conclusion after two weeks in continuous use

The Surface Pro 7 convinced me in the test. Microsoft remains true to the concept of a lightweight, powerful and flexible Windows tablet that can easily be turned into a laptop and desktop PC. Over the past two weeks, the Surface Pro 7 has been my daily companion and intensive work tool. Thanks to the USB-C port I could simply unplug the adapter from the MacBook and plug it into the Surface Pro 7. So became the tablet directly my desktop PC. You basically do not need the Surface Dock anymore.

On the way, I made the Surface Pro 7 with the keyboard cover a laptop. The hinge works perfectly. The angle can be set very precisely, so that you always find the right position for the situation. The burgundy keyboard cover is illuminated, it can be wonderful tap on it. I write this test completely on the surface and found my way around immediately. The touchpad alone could be a bit bigger. Since I am very spoiled by the MacBook.

Performance is not lacking in our review sample. The 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor is supported by 16 GB of RAM. There is an SSD with 256 GB. The Core i7 is actively cooled under full load – was the test only during the benchmark the case. The sound is pleasant and not too noticeable. Otherwise, the Surface Pro 7 works silently. The version with Core i3 and Core i5 are passively cooled. There are several configurations to choose from, starting at 899 euros. Meanwhile, there are already the first offers .

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Tip: Students receive a discount directly from Microsoft.

The display has an aspect ratio of 3: 2 and a high resolution. Everything looks sharp and can be read well in any situation due to the high brightness. There is a digitizer installed and handwritten input can be done with the Surface Pen. If you buy a Surface, you basically have to own the keyboard and pen as well. This is the only way to get the full potential out of the Windows tablet and make full use of its strengths.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not fully exploited the strengths of the USB-C port. Although you can charge the Surface Pro 7, connect accessories and a monitor – Thunderbolt 3 is not supported. And that is really disappointing. How awesome would it be if you could upgrade the Surface Pro 7 with an external graphics card? Of course you can play Fortnite that way, but you have to limit the details so that the game runs smoothly in the fight. I do not understand this decision from Microsoft. An external graphics card would not only be important for gamers, but also for professional users – and that’s exactly what Microsoft wants to address with the Surface Pro 7.

Eliminated the mini-DisplayPort. The Surface Connector is still installed. So you can connect a Surface Dock. Actually, I did everything only via USB-C. Since I have everything thanks to the MacBook Pro anyway, even the power supply has found little use. USB-C is simply what the Surface tablet was missing.

Otherwise, not much has happened. Visually, nothing has changed in comparison to the predecessor, the same accessories can be used and the running time is still very good. Under moderate load and 80 percent brightness I came to 6 hours running time. If you are just surfing or watching a movie, there are also 8 hours in it. At full load but also considerably less. Pleasantly: The Surface Pro 7 is recharged very quickly.

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Microsoft updated the Surface Pro 7 technically, installed a USB-C port and left everything as it was. That’s what’s commendable. So you can continue to use old accessories and you do not have to get used to changes that bring nothing in the end. For the future, a second USB-C port and Thunderbolt 3 would be desirable. The Type Cover should get a larger touchpad. Microsoft made the best Windows 10 Tablet even better with the Surface Pro 7.

Surface Pro 7 in the test: Review

  • Workmanship, feel and design: 4/5
  • Display: 4/5
  • Software: 4/5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Video and audio: 4/5
  • Connectivity and memory: 4/5
  • Battery and everyday life: 4/5

Appreciation: 83 percent

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